Voices of Youth: Students, spare a thought for your teachers' mental health

Our healthcare professionals are not the only ones heavily burdened - our teachers are, too (More than 80% of S'pore teachers say Covid-19 pandemic has hurt their mental health: Survey, Sept 22).

About 56 per cent of teachers said they were overwhelmed, followed by around 39 per cent who said they were frustrated and 21 per cent who indicated that they were worried, according to a nationwide survey done by the Singapore Counselling Centre.

These are the teachers who appear in class every day with a smile on their faces.

The Ministry of Education has highlighted the importance of mental health in students, but this importance needs to be validated in the teaching community, too.

Only 8.2 per cent of teachers spoke to a mental health professional, according to the survey. I wonder why this is so.

Whatever the reason, teachers are human too. Treat them with the respect that they deserve. They are going through a hard time juggling duties and imparting knowledge to students.

Appreciate the lengths that they go to, and, students, please don't create a ruckus in their class.

If you as a student are stressed, what makes you think teachers are not stressed too?

Rowan Lee, 17

Secondary 5 student

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