Voices of Youth: Students, schools can do more to reduce food waste

As an eco-conscious student, I feel more can be done in the area of managing food waste and recycling in schools.

When the National Environment Agency (NEA) launched the "Love Your Food @ Schools" project in 2017 to encourage young people to cherish food and reduce food waste, it was limited to 10 participating schools.

Even with grassroots efforts such as SG Food Rescue, there is still a long way to go for Singaporeans to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Hence, cultivating waste reduction and environmentally conscious habits in schools is crucial in strengthening the nation's environmental efforts.

There are bins for recyclables and food waste in schools, but how often are they actually used as intended by students? Recycling bins in school corridors filled with food wrappers and used tissues are a common sight, which can be disheartening. Therefore, there is a greater need for awareness of proper rubbish disposal among the student body.

It is encouraging that some schools have reduced the use of single-use plastics in canteens or switched to more energy-efficient appliances in the classrooms. Yet, I still believe that more can be done on an individual level.

Hence, I ask my fellow students to take charge in this issue and inspire one another to take a more proactive role in reducing food waste and increasing recycling efforts.

Ivan Wan Bin Hor, 17

Pre-University 1 student

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