Voices of youth: Relocate designated smoking zone to less crowded area

As society pays more attention to health, second-hand smoke is a growing concern.

Smoking corners are typically found in coffee shops and beside shopping malls. These places are meant to separate smokers from the public, to prevent second-hand smoke from inundating the whole area.

There is a small smoking corner situated along the walkway from Junction 8 shopping mall towards Bishan Housing Board Blocks 101 to 116, which, however, does not separate smokers from the public.

This walkway is used every day by students from the nearby schools and elderly residents.

It is difficult for me to avoid the smoke each time I walk past the corner. As a result, I have to hold my breath while walking.

Perhaps moving the designated smoking zone to a less crowded area would resolve the issue.

Wong E Jeh, 14

Secondary 2 student