Voices of Youth: Nutrition labels will help dispel misconceptions

For most people, it is not that they are unwilling to live a healthy lifestyle, but rather that they are unaware of the high amount of sugar present in their food and drinks.

People often think that they can cut down on all sugar by selecting zero per cent sugar when buying a drink, or that the "healthier" label means a product is healthy. The report "Does 0% sugar level mean no sugar? New nutrition labels can sieve out 'hidden sugars' in drinks" (Aug 29) has shown this thinking to be misleading.

I am glad the Government has identified the challenges people face in adopting a healthier lifestyle and is actively raising awareness on the unknown sugar levels in the food we consume daily.

The Nutri-Grade labels will be helpful for people to be aware of the sugar content in their drinks and let them make a more informed decision over what they consume.

Consumers are more likely to think twice before buying a beverage or pick a healthier option instead on seeing the highly visible labels and being reminded of the high level of sugar in the product.

In the long run, this may play a significant role in helping to curb diet-related diseases such as diabetes, and alleviate the workload of our healthcare workers.

Nelly Nassier, 17

Pre-university 1 student

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