Voices of Youth: Number of likes, followers shouldn't define self-worth

I feel that people should spend less time on social media platforms (Growing up in the age of 'likes', July 4).

The number of likes or followers does not determine your social status or who you are. The number of likes is just an indicator of how much your post appealed to other users online. The number of followers is just an indicator of how many people think your posts and content resonate with them.

Even if you have few or no followers or likes for your post, it is fine. It is important to be your real self instead of changing yourself to make others like or follow you. Being your real self makes you stand out from others.

Fifth-year International Baccalaureate student Isaac Tan told The Sunday Times that "it is very easy to attach one's self-worth to the number of followers one has on social media".

On the contrary, I think that self-worth should not be in any way linked to the number of followers one has on social media, as one's self-worth encompasses other aspects such as compassion, kindness, generosity, curiosity and social responsibilities.

I think that young people can use other ways to determine who they are instead of putting their focus on social media.

They should explore other interests or hobbies, so that they can discover more about themselves and how they can make their own or others' lives more fulfilling.

Lin Zihao, 14

Secondary 2 student

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