Voices of Youth: Lack of social responsibility contributing to surge in dengue cases

I commend the National Environment Agency for its enhanced efforts to monitor the transmission of dengue in view of the recent surge in cases (Nearly 5,500 dengue cases this year, more than in all of 2021, April 24).

However, these efforts are insufficient unless we start doing our due diligence as citizens.

I have heard some people say that the dengue situation is less dangerous and easier to solve than Covid-19 due to differences in the nature and transmission mode of the diseases.

However, if that were truly the case, why does dengue remain rampant despite the Government's sustained efforts to educate Singaporeans on this issue over the years?

I feel that it all boils down to our social responsibility, or lack thereof.

The high number of dengue cases and instances of mosquito breeding in households reflect our negligence in taking the necessary precautions to fight dengue.

It is only when each individual stops shirking his social responsibility and starts making an effort that our nation can make significant strides in battling this disease.

Lee Tze Min, 17

JC2 student

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