Voices of Youth: Here's a Primary 6 pupil who believes in you

As a Primary 6 pupil taking my Primary School Leaving Examination this year, I know what it feels like to be under a tremendous amount of stress. When facing a major national exam, that's normal.

However, this does not mean students should focus entirely on their studies and neglect their mental and physical health.

It's easy to think that you'll take care of your health after you deal with your studies, but it won't make matters easier for you. Taking care of your health makes it easier to deal with your studies.

I know a number of classmates who are feeling extremely pressured this year, and some even resorted to self-harm to relieve stress or anxiety.

This is not the right attitude towards examinations or any other challenges students may face.

If it makes you feel better, cry, talk, sleep or do the things you love, but don't harm yourself or others.

Students need to understand that even during major examinations, there still needs to be a balance between work and play.

Just a short break in between study sessions will help. Students are not expected to be robots.

You don't just deserve rest, you need rest.

A 10-minute power nap will help you to focus better and feel rejuvenated.

And if any student feels pessimistic, just know that here's a Primary 6 pupil who understands you and believes in you, even when you think no one else does.

So stay positive and work hard because I know you can do it.

Lauren Wong, 12

Primary 6 pupil

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