Voices of Youth: Heartened to see hawkers take on modern challenges

The book Wosh.World FutureReady reminded me of our hawker culture's rich history of constantly reinventing certain food items, producing iconic hawker dishes (Singapore's hawker culture among food trends discussed in new book, Aug 13).

Indeed, the only constant is change, and the hawker culture of today is inevitably experiencing changes that may be more complicated than those of the past.

Hence, I am deeply heartened by our tenacity as a nation in preserving our hawker culture and thus our heritage, regardless of the changes we have to adapt to. Our courage in embracing change together, rather than avoiding it, raises my spirits.

We have a new generation of "hawkerpreneurs" who are taking on these challenges. These adventurous new hawkers find ingenious methods to cook and operate their stalls, achieving a seamless integration of modernity and tradition as modern methods are used to cook traditional food.

Moreover, the adoption of technology by more hawker stalls - brought about by the Hawkers Go Digital initiative - is promising. Stallholders have been encouraged to go digital by taking orders online and accepting digital payment methods, making things more convenient for them and their patrons.

I strongly believe hawkers' steadfastness in adapting to change can inspire Singapore to come together to embrace the current upheavals, and to remain resolute in confronting volatile future events.

I look forward to experiencing our hawker culture's next stage of evolution, and observing how young Singaporeans can play a role in shaping it.

Kelly Tan Yun Li, 17

Pre-University 1 student

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