Voices of Youth: Have more complete sex education curriculum so students don't have to turn to Web

Sexuality education lessons in school are meant to educate students on the physical, emotional, social and ethical dimensions of human sexuality. Students are taught how to navigate relationships through communication, trust and support from their peers.

I believe that these are important things that my generation should learn, but I also question the absence of other topics in the curriculum.

For example, the sexuality education focuses on the avoidance of sex, and not on the act itself. When sexual intercourse is mentioned, the topics covered are ones like contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

This may not be helpful to my generation in the long run.

When sexual intercourse is barely touched on in the classroom, students may turn to the Internet in hopes of learning about it.

I wonder if it's safe to leave young people to discover sexual topics by themselves online instead of in the classroom.

They risk being exposed to graphic content or pornography that can lead to them having unhealthy perceptions of sex or getting involved in potentially dangerous situations.

This is why I suggest that schools revise their sexuality education curriculum to educate teenagers on the process of sexual intercourse itself.

The sexuality education curriculum should also guide students to identify toxic or dangerous situations that could arise from participating in sexual activities, as well as suggest organisations teenagers can turn to for help in sexual assault and grooming cases.

Corrinne Khoo Sze Yee, 15

Secondary 4 student

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