Voices of Youth: Good move to have more e-waste bins in public areas

It was a smart move to put e-waste bins around Singapore for items such as phones, game consoles, bulbs, lamps and batteries.

Now general waste and e-waste, instead of going into the same bins, can be separated, and e-waste recycled and given a new lease of life. Proper disposal of e-waste also prevents environmental pollution.

According to the National Environment Agency, Singapore generates about 60,000 tonnes of e-waste every year, equivalent to each person discarding 70 mobile phones a year.

I strongly encourage everyone to dispose of unwanted electronics in e-waste bins. There are more than 500 e-waste bins stationed all around Singapore, including public areas and shopping centres.

If we work together and play our part, we can tackle the e-waste problem in Singapore.

Evleen Kaur Chopra, 12

Primary 6 pupil

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