Voices of Youth: Go further with character and citizenship education lessons about autism

Not too long ago, my school conducted a character and citizenship education (CCE) lesson that introduced the topic of the autism spectrum to the student body.

The lesson gave students an insightful glimpse into the lives of autistic individuals and their daily struggles.

These kinds of lessons have been going on for a while now, even when I was in primary school, and they should be continued.

However, even after all these lessons, I do not see much improvement in the way my autistic peers are treated.

Sadly, I observe that they are still being judged for the things they cannot control, and ostracised by the main student body.

I urge teachers to go further with the CCE lessons. I realise that most lessons just stop at the psychological aspect. We are told only what goes on in the heads of those with autism, but we are not taught what to do with that information.

I think the lesson should include tips and strategies on how to effectively communicate with and listen to our peers with special needs, and the importance of inclusivity.

Mindsets need to be shifted to one that is more accepting; one that sees people with special needs for who they are, and loves them regardless of the physical, mental or emotional conditions they have.

Everyone is deserving of such love.

Phoebe Lim Rui Qi, 16

Secondary 4 student

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