Voices of Youth: Get Covid-19 under control before reopening

Singapore should get Covid-19 under control before we open up our country and return to our normal lives (Have guidelines for moving forward and living with Covid-19, Sept 14).

First, treating Covid-19 as endemic does not equate to allowing the virus to spread rapidly in the community. This applies to flu and dengue, which are treated as endemic.

The Government needs to ensure that Singaporeans still abide by health protocols such as proper hand-washing and mask-wearing, to safely open our country for business and tourism.

Second, I agree with the National University of Singapore's Professor Teo Yik Ying that "contact tracing to identify people who have been exposed to the virus and isolate them as soon as possible is important" (Unlinked cases less relevant when S'pore treats Covid-19 as endemic, Sept 10), because this will lessen the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

Only when there is a low risk of infection can we carry on with our daily activities.

We also need to maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers and those who are quarantined, as lapses may cause another outbreak.

Lin Zihao, 14

Secondary 2 student