Voices of Youth: Extend deadline for art students' graded coursework

Recently, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board announced that common last topics will be removed from all national examinations.

While I am sure that all affected students are very grateful for this policy, I would like to suggest extending the deadline for the graded coursework component of Visual Art.

Coursework is something that all visual art students have to do.

Over several months, students have to put together preparatory studies that are supported by extensive research and the development of their ideas.

Our work has been severely affected by Covid-19 restrictions. These curbs are important but, nonetheless, they have impeded our progress.

The final artwork, the most time-consuming and crucial portion, can be done only within school compounds.

New rules prevent students from staying back after school, limiting the amount of time we have to complete our projects.

The decision to make any adjustments to the requirements of the visual art examinations will indicate how much Singapore values its arts scene.

I strongly urge the Government to assist all art students in their examinations, especially during these trying times.

This would mean a lot to art students and encourage budding artists to continue developing their talents, thus furthering Singapore's arts scene.

Laura Chin, 16

Secondary 4 student

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