Voices of Youth: Excited about prospects for women in the workforce

As Singapore transitions into a new normal and a larger proportion of the workforce returns to the office, it is interesting to see the lasting effects of the pandemic become more apparent, as well as the discussions that have been brought to the table (Flexible work arrangements key to future: Tan See Leng, May 6).

Though it may have been a struggle at first, Singaporeans quickly adapted and grew accustomed to making connections through daily Zoom calls and conferences.

The way in which the pandemic has transformed working may result in women having better career longevity and prospects in the future. With more flexible workplace arrangements, motherhood and career advancement will no longer need to be as mutually exclusive as it used to be.

Change can be uncomfortable. When we are faced with the opportunity to return to our comfort zone, it is not surprising to feel ourselves gravitating towards it.

However, corporate leaders should recognise the beneficial impact that a flexible work environment can have on the well-being and overall productivity of our workforce, and embrace this change.

As a young person, it is exciting to see the possibility of being part of a more balanced workforce in the near future. And for many young women, we have more of a chance to have our children see us not only as loving mothers but also as successful career women.

Lee Tze Min, 17

JC2 student

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