Voices of Youth: Drink vending machines needed at Park Connector Network

During the school holidays, I went on regular cycling trips to explore Singapore through the Park Connector Network.

This network has given cyclists like me a much safer alternative to road cycling. I commend the National Parks Board (NParks) for building an extremely connected network for joggers, cyclists and other park-goers to use.

I am excited about the plans to expand the Park Connector Network ($315m to set up new trails, expand and enhance parks, March 5, 2021).

I hope NParks can consider adding beverage-dispensing vending machines along park connectors. When I go on long cycling trips across the island, typically lasting the entire afternoon, I find that I do not have enough water to last me for the whole trip. This more often than not forces me to return home quickly.

Thus, I believe having vending machines along the park connector would delight cyclists and joggers, as a convenient way to quench our thirst would improve the experience greatly.

Of course, it follows that garbage bins should also be installed where possible to reduce litter.

Matteo Wee, 14

Secondary 2 student

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