Voices of Youth: Don't view PSLE as a battle that will define your future

This year, I am taking the Primary School Leaving Examination.

The PSLE is often described as a formidable battle that will define one's future, but should it be seen that way?

Most questions cover the basic primary school syllabus, and even if a pupil is unable to answer the few difficult questions designed to sieve out the top students, he is still likely to attain a good Achievement Level.

The real cause of the dejected looks on some pupils' faces as they walk out of exam rooms is stress.

The PSLE should not be seen as a battle to be fought. Its purpose is to measure a pupil's progress so that he can be given the support and guidance he needs.

It is how we learn, improve and grow, no matter our score, that is important. The score does not define who you are. The exam does not know that you are talented at art, or that you are the most caring friend anyone could ask for.

The exam should not define how much love you receive, how you are treated, or your relationship with your friends, family or teachers.

And it is important that parents know this, because the stress pupils feel often comes from parents. I am lucky to have parents, teachers and friends who know, understand and respect that.

All anybody asks is to do your best, and forget the rest.

Avishi Gurnani, 12

Primary 6 pupil

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