Voices of Youth: Continue to educate people about the dangers and health consequences of drug use

The Sunday Times reported that a Singaporean tourist in Thailand accidentally consumed a dish that contained cannabis ('It looked like kangkung', Sept 25).

It also reported that many Singaporean tourists patronised Thailand's cannabis stores and asked owners how long the drug would stay in the body.

This is troubling.

Tourists in Thailand could inadvertently consume cannabis as sales of the drug are less controlled.

Thailand's legalisation of cannabis has sparked growing interest in the drug.

In view of this, more individuals may think that drugs are safe for consumption, and that consuming them in small amounts would not get them "high".

Let us go beyond Singapore's drug laws and continue to educate and remind one another about the dangers and health consequences of drug use.

I am optimistic about the anti-drug situation in Singapore for many years to come.

Amos Loh Hong Zun,18

Year 2 Higher Nitec student

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