Voices of Youth: Civic-mindedness a key building block of society

Recently, something significant happened to a close friend, and it reminded me of how important civic-mindedness is as a building block of our society.

My friend dropped his wallet - containing more than $500 worth of valuables - on a bus on the way home. Despite his best attempts to trace his wallet, he received no news about it. He lost hope and thought the likelihood of him getting the wallet back was minuscule.

But on the third day, SMRT contacted him and informed him that his wallet had been found and returned with all its contents intact to a nearby MRT station.

I will never forget how relieved and elated he was when he received the news; he shared the news in multiple WhatsApp group chats.

His experience reminded me of the importance of civic-mindedness.

Civic-mindedness, or actions that show concern for the public good, can range from helping fellow Singaporeans out to keeping Singapore clean and caring for the environment. It is important for a society because it rallies the community together, builds goodwill and promotes trust among the populace.

Beyond its impact on the community, civic-mindedness is also extremely beautiful because it can leave a lasting impact on someone.

As Singapore relaxes its Covid-19 restrictions, it will be increasingly important for us to continue to look out for one another. Let us not forget that the small actions we take can have a big impact on others and create a larger ripple effect in the community.

Lee Young Kai, 19

Full-time national serviceman

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