Voices of Youth: Care for environment should go beyond just following trends

As people become more aware of global warming due to media coverage, more have turned to tree planting as a way to contribute to environmental efforts.

But it is discouraging to see people planting trees and caring for the environment only because it is a trendy thing to do (Tree planting is booming. Here's how that could help, or harm, the planet, March 15).

When the wrong tree is planted, even if it is in the name of doing good and the "right thing to do", it will only do more harm than good to the environment, destroying our positive efforts little by little.

To tackle this, parents must educate their children on the benefits of caring for the environment from a young age to inculcate their love for it.

Schools could train students as environment ambassadors who then let their schoolmates know how they can help. More co-curricular activities that involve helping the environment could also be created.

Individuals must be more proactive in researching and understanding how their actions can affect the environment.

Unless we change our mindset, our environmental efforts will never be enough to hold back the rapid rate of global warming.

If we wish to take on an active role to save the planet, it must come from our hearts.

Chloe Ng Swee Teng, 16

Secondary 4 student

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