Voices of youth: Build indoor smoking areas near HDB estates

I believe that smoking near windows and at balconies in homes should be banned in Singapore (GPC calls for ban on smoking at windows or balconies at home, Oct 6).

Second-hand smoke has caused too many deaths in Singapore to be ignored. Mr Louis Ng, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Sustainability and the Environment, said 383 people in Singapore died due to second-hand smoke in 2016.

I have neighbours who smoke at odd hours at night, and it has caused great inconvenience to my family and other neighbours around the estate.

Their second-hand smoke not only increases the likelihood of other residents developing lung cancer, but could also potentially be deadly to young children with asthma.

Besides having a negative impact on the environment, smoking also emits carbon monoxide.

I understand that banning smoking at windows or balconies can be intrusive and infringes on smokers' privacy, but I feel that this is a necessary move for the well-being of the public.

However, by having such a ban, the families of these smokers will still be exposed to second-hand smoke.

I suggest that indoor smoking areas be built near housing estates for these smokers. Providing free Wi-Fi and seats in these areas can encourage smokers to utilise these spaces.

Abigail Chin Yanqin, 15

Year 3 IP

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