Forum: Up to S'poreans to make lifestyle changes to adapt to GST hike

Even as I empathise with the concerns of many regarding the goods and services tax (GST) hike and higher cost of living, I believe the GST hike is necessary to fund healthcare needs in the future as Singapore's population ages (GST hike: Worries over rising cost of living despite govt payouts, Feb 20).

Families can adjust their lifestyles to cope with the higher cost of living in ways such as not using the air-conditioner, except on hot days, or using the fan instead.

They can choose to cook at home instead of eating out.

And instead of buying new things all the time, people can recycle and think of ways to use what they already have.

The Government is already providing Singaporeans with a lot of help through cash payouts and rebates.

It is up to individuals and families to live within their means.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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