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Turn RSS Resolution into a ship exhibit

I refer to the article "Navy Museum to get a makeover" (Oct 4).

My former ship crew and I welcome the news and hope that more exhibits can be included, like a ship where visitors can go on board for tours.

We have one remaining County-class LST (landing ship tank), the RSS Resolution, which can be transformed into a museum like those in the United States and Thailand.

I would like to share the wonderful history of the County-class LSTs which served the Singapore Armed Forces from the early 1970s to early 2000s.

The first LST, Endurance, was acquired from the United States Navy on July 1, 1971, in Guam and sailed to Singapore.

In 1975, another four LSTs were selected by the Singapore navy and towed from the US Naval Reserve in Sasebo, Japan, to Singapore.

In 1976, we had Excellence, Intrepid and Resolution commissioned into the Singapore Navy. Persistence was operational in 1981.

The primary role of the LSTs was to support the Singapore Armed Forces in transporting army hardware to overseas training bases to build up the capabilities of our defence force.

They also served as Midshipmen Sea Training Deployment platforms to train the officers and provide on-the-job training.

For naval exercises, the LSTs were mother ships for the smaller combatants, and provided water and fuel support.

In the article, freelance heritage consultant Lee Kok Leong mentioned the need to tell stories of the past to empower future servicemen, and this ship exhibit can do just that.

Past servicemen who embraced naval traditions of a different era have lots of experiences to share.

My ship crew from Intrepid and Resolution during the 1986 to 1991 tenure regularly meet to relive those memories.

When we visit the air force and army museums and even some camps, we see real aircraft and vehicles of yesteryear on display.

But for the Navy Museum, there are only indoor plastic model exhibits of the ships.

With Resolution still in existence, my former ship crew and I would like to petition for it to be included as a ship exhibit.

We feel that the memories and history surrounding the ship make Resolution worth saving for our present and future generations to appreciate.

Raymond Lim Lye Hup

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