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Touched by team spirit among hospital staff

I was admitted to Sengkang General Hospital from March 31 to April 2 for an angiogram and angioplasty procedure.

I was subsequently taken care of by the nurses and staff of Ward 46, Room 5.

Throughout my stay, I was amazed to see how patient and gentle the nurses were, attending to all of my needs as well as to those of the other patients in the ward.

I witnessed a strong kindred spirit and teamwork among the staff, who were always on the lookout for one another as they met challenging patients and situations - even sacrificing their breaks to attend to the needs of patients.

Their team spirit and bond were clearly shown when I heard a nurse beseeching her colleague to take a long overdue break.

From what I witnessed, I now realise the passion and compassion it takes to be a healthcare employee. I was able to have a speedy recovery thanks to them.

Simply saying that the staff were very efficient and effective would be an understatement.

Jennifer Leong Sou Lin

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