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Take steps to help yourself first before asking for govt aid

Even as I empathise with the difficult situations of cabbies and private-hire drivers, I feel we all must learn to independently seek other options to improve our situation instead of relying on the Government for help all the time ($150 relief welcomed but not enough, say cabbies and private-hire drivers, June 22).

Cabby Simon Ngiam, who switched to an electric taxi last year and reduced his costs, is a good example of this.

Some people treat the Government like Santa Claus or an ATM, and expect it to give out financial aid whenever difficult situations arise.

Financial aid from the Government comes at a cost. The Government may need to draw on reserves or seek revenue from other sources like increasing the goods and services tax.

People must learn to independently seek other viable options such as adjusting their lifestyle or switching to other jobs.

Our Government has always responsibly helped the people with financial packages when it is necessary. But we must not expect this help at all times without first seeking other options to help ourselves.

Susan Tan Lin Neo

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on June 24, 2022, with the headline Take steps to help yourself first before asking for govt aid. Subscribe