Set up a hotline to support those facing parenting problems

As a parent, I often find it difficult to manage my emotions and actions.

I find it difficult to discuss this with friends or relatives because I do not want to burden them with my problems. I am also afraid that I will be judged if I share my problems with them.

In today's fast-changing environment, it is often difficult for parents to manage their children effectively, especially when young children are exposed to social media.

Without social support, we often have to rely on our experiences with our own parents to manage our children, and those approaches are usually outdated.

Perhaps now is a good time for a voluntary welfare organisation to set up a hotline for parents to

share their problems in an environment that is free from judgment.

Counsellors or trained volunteers could provide a listening ear so that parents can feel assured when faced with a serious parenting problem.

If the Government wants to increase Singapore's birth rate, having a support system for parents is essential.

Tay Tze Siong

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