Second-hand smoke

Condo's ban drives residents to smoke near my home instead

My house is next to a condominium, and since the pandemic began, there have been many residents smoking, chatting and using their mobile phones less than 5m from my gate.

I have asked the residents why they are smoking here when they can do it within their condominium grounds or at home.

They told us that the condo's management corporation banned them from smoking within its premises as doing so would affect its residents and the environment.

I have spoken to the National Environment Agency (NEA), which said that it cannot restrict people from smoking in public places, and can take action only when they litter the floor with cigarette butts.

NEA said it has informed the management corporation to install a bin to reduce littering.

I wonder if this will further encourage residents to smoke there.

I have tried to resolve this issue for two years.

I have had to restrict my young children from playing in our garden due to the second-hand smoke.

My family has had to make sacrifices because others decided they did not want second-hand smoke on their premises, but have no qualms about it being in mine.

Edwin Tan

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on January 14, 2022, with the headline Condo's ban drives residents to smoke near my home instead. Subscribe