Forum: Regular education efforts done to familiarise public with Public Warning System

We refer to Mr David Cheong's feedback (Public Warning System: Do people know how to respond?, Feb 19).

The Public Warning System (PWS) has three signals - the Alarm, All Clear and Important Message. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) sounds the Important Message signal islandwide twice annually, at 6.20pm on Feb 15 and Sept 15, to familiarise Singaporeans with it.

Prior to and during the sounding of the signal, SCDF carries out a public education campaign on the PWS through print advertorials, announcements on local TV and radio stations, and digital media content including online quizzes.

For the sounding on Feb 15, information on the PWS is also incorporated in the Total Defence Day message circulated to schools.

From feedback gathered, including responses to the online quizzes, SCDF notes that public awareness about the PWS has increased. We are encouraged, and will continue with our public education efforts.

SCDF also recently launched the ninth edition of the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook, which contains information on emergency preparedness knowledge and skills. The handbook is available in all four official languages and can be downloaded from the SCDF website at

Civil Defence (CD) Public Shelters can be identified by a prominent yellow, triangular CD shelter sign located near each shelter.

To learn about their nearest shelter, members of the public can utilise the "shelter locator" function on the SCDF website.

The CD shelter programme includes other types of shelters, such as household shelters and storey shelters, which are incorporated into the development of all new homes.

Since 2003, SCDF has been conducting the Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) to impart life-saving skills and knowledge, including the PWS and the CD shelter programme, to the public.

The CEPP is offered free of charge at the four SCDF division headquarters. Members of the public can find out more information from SCDF's website.

Leslie Williams (Colonel)

Deputy Director, Corporate Communications

Singapore Civil Defence Force

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