On Facebook: What do you think of the plan to expand the cycling path network?

Some points to consider:

There should be a speed limit on all cycling paths.

Bicycles should be registered, so that cyclists are accountable should an offence be committed.

Paths should be for cyclists only, with pedestrians being fined if they walk on them.

Chu Lisan

It's wonderful news. Cycling will continue to grow for a long time, driven by lifestyle choices made for social and environmental reasons, as well as the increased cost of vehicle ownership.

So it's good to see the Government providing proper cycling paths, which will improve connectivity and safety.

Lawrence Lim

It's fantastic news, but makes sense only if the cycling paths are totally separated from footpaths.

Andre Penke

It is encouraging to see people take up cycling as a form of exercise to keep fit. But the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians must be ensured.

Peter Tan

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