On Facebook: Should the COE system be adjusted to discourage ownership of multiple cars?

It should also include a proportion of the car's price. If you can afford a more expensive car, you can afford a more expensive COE.

Junyi Jude Low

Imposing additional fees on owning multiple cars will not have any impact on this group of buyers. They can still beat the system by registering vehicles under the names of family members.

Gilbert Sean Lim

Peg car ownership to household size. The neighbours on either side of me have two cars each. One is a family of three. The other family has seven members, and the grandparents care for other grandchildren during the day.

Why penalise a larger family for living under the same roof?

Umm Yusof

It's not about the number of cars someone has in his garage, it's about how many are on the roads. Why bother discouraging ownership? Go ahead and own 100 cars if you have the means. Discourage driving, that's the point

Peter Phan

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