On Facebook: Should paternity leave be extended, with both parents having three months dedicated to their newborn baby?

I think extending paternal leave is good to increase co-sharing of responsibilities. We can't expect mothers to shoulder both career and childcare at the same time.

This is why there's a gender wage gap. As an employer, you'll want to increase the salary and position of employees who are not mandated to go on leave.

Cheah Wen Chong

There are many ways to solve the problem of short paternity leave. First, accumulate unused leave. Second, arrange for infantcare early. Third, reserve a confinement nanny or maid early. Fourth, arrange for help from extended family early. Having a child is a serious decision; a lot of preparation should be made first.

Olivia Xiaoni Lai

Longer paternity leave does not make parenting more equal if the heart is not willing. For fathers who are willing, they will contribute somehow, even without the leave. For others, they are likely to spend more time in front of the TV or computer, or be out in the gym or with friends even if you give them the same length of leave.

Josephine Lim

Empower both partners to decide how much leave each should take by giving them a lump sum of postnatal leave to share.

Mel Melly

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