On Facebook: Should employers hire based on skills rather than education?

If all candidates have equal academic achievements, then the interview plays a key role.

Not all interviewers are skilled enough to ask deep technical questions; they are sometimes smitten by a sweet talker. But some jobs do require a sweet talker.

Keng Hee

While some professions require basic skill training, we should be hiring based on attitude. Most things can be learnt if a person is cognitively agile and curious.

Mona Cheah

Best is if someone has good qualifications plus good character. Most jobs can be learnt at the workplace. My preference would be for a recruit who has integrity and conscientiousness at work, as long as he meets the minimum standard for the job.

John Tang

It does not apply to professions such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and engineers - the candidate must have the necessary paper qualifications to be eligible.

Au Kah Kay

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