On Facebook: Is knowing the personal data of Covid-19 cases necessary?

No, only important details such as the locations frequented, whether it is an imported or community case, and links to other cases (if any). The rest should be omitted.

Logan Chong

I agree that it is unnecessary. Age, job title, employer and gender are often published in news reports. I think it is not hard to identify someone from those details.

Heng Seng

The only information we need to know is where they have been while infectious. Nothing else.

Russell Koh

I don't think there's a need to publicise details such as age, gender and race. Just the number of imported/community/dormitory cases will do, and maybe the places visited so that individuals can take more care when visiting those places.

Nicholas Russell

I agree that it is not necessary. But when those details are not reported, there will be a group of people who say that the authorities are trying to cover up or protect the cases.

Francis Chng

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