On Facebook: Is it unsafe to have one's name, photo, and partial IC number displayed prominently in the digital IC on the Singpass app home page?

If you are not locking your phone, it is equivalent to leaving your physical IC in the open, free for all to see. And for those who think that it is unsafe, then just don't download the Singpass app. Problem solved.

Dennis Cheng

I find it strange that we are unable to log out, hence anyone looking at my phone can see those details.

Lisa Hong-Ping Kong

Please give us the option to hide or show the digital IC.

Ah Duan

All phones can be locked with passcode, thumbprint or facial recognition, so it should be safe to have all those features shown on the Singpass app home page.

In today's day and age, one must accept that technology is the way forward and there is little or no risk if one uses it responsibly.

Cai Chen

(Having the digital IC) in one's phone is much safer than in one's wallet. The user needs to unlock two layers of security to reach a page with full IC details.

A lost phone is almost impossible to unlock, and only the legitimate owner can easily restore the profiles on a new phone. Pick up a lost wallet, and IC and card numbers are free for all to see.

Alan Ong

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