On Facebook: Do you think schools should adopt a later starting time so students can get more rest?

Good to maintain the old system that has built up resilient men and women. It is uncomfortable, but necessary to train our precious young to be tough.

Eunice S H Tnng

If parents' working hours and school hours coincide, morning rush hour traffic would be heavy with so many people moving around at the same time.

Kwan Chong How

A normal school day (without extra stuff like remedial, CCA, competitions and enrichment) typically lasts from 7.30am to 2.30pm or even 3.30pm. For junior college students, it ends even later.

Starting later would only mean ending later. The duration is still long. And shortening the duration is near impossible.

Yu Han

Lower primary children need at least nine hours of sleep. My youngest boy goes to bed before 8pm and is up at 6.15am. My two teenage boys: one goes to bed at 9pm and the other at 10pm, and both get up at 6.15am to 6.30am with enough rest. It doesn't matter when they need to wake up; it matters how much sleep they get.

Frau El