On Facebook: Do you think legislation is needed to stop smokers from lighting up near windows and on balconies?

Such legislation wouldn't make smoking at home an offence. As long as their smoke does not exit their windows, they could smoke all they want. All they would need to do is to close their windows while smoking at home.

I have witnessed a resident of my estate smoking on his balcony, with his doors closed.

Natsem Vad

Yes. Because you can get a response out of smokers only if there's money involved.

Hannah Tan

I just shut my windows because I know that there's no way to stop all these smokers from smoking at the window in their own house.

Joy Josephine

People pay for their own home. So learn to mind your own business, the air outside the window is free to all. No one has a contract to own it for his own use. Just shut the window and seal it properly. Otherwise, ask HDB to build smoking and non-smoking flats.

Marcus StoneMonk

The law hasn't stopped people from lighting up in public spaces where they're not supposed to; why would we think legislation would stop them? Especially when they're smoking from the privacy of their own home, which gives them a sense of security.

Steven J Wong

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