On Facebook: Do the costs of a hurried reopening of the country outweigh the economic and social benefits of an endemic environment?

If opening up means 2,000 over cases daily, yes, it will do more harm to the economy than good because it will be disruptive anyway and (result in a) majority of the population in home recovery and stretch the resources of healthcare facilities and workers.

Lee Lai Lai Amy

If we were to plan carefully to ramp up the ICU (intensive care unit) capacity, hospital beds, telemedicine and so on, we will probably have an easier time transitioning, and (people) will have more confidence in the authorities.

Chen Anatta

If you want a continuous circuit breaker, businesses will suffer further. Do you know how long this pandemic is going to last? Even countries like Australia and New Zealand which imposed lockdowns and border closures are suffering.

Mohammad Sidek A. Wahab

Knowing that this virus (is here to stay), people have to move on with their lives. There is also a need for foreign talent, investors and tourists to boost trade. Quarantines and stay-home orders will only help to reduce the fast spread of the virus. Reducing infections in the long term will be a tedious and tough battle.

Mt Rowsudeen

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