On Facebook: A Forum writer said he would have stepped forward to help in the MRT assault incident. Would you do the same?

It has to be a concerted effort. Don't just turn a blind eye if you see someone being physically or verbally abused.

We should shed the bystander effect. To me, the worst part of it was how some people could be seen glued to their gadgets and totally oblivious to what was happening around them.

Siva Sivakumar

Most people would not want to put themselves in harm's way. If there were a couple of strong guys around, they could overpower the attacker. If you are alone and not young, would you step forward and risk being beaten up? You can't afford to get yourself injured.

Christina Teh

I think that when people see this level of aggression, they are shocked and don't know how to react. Perhaps only army or police-trained individuals would know what to do.

As for the rest of the public, apart from pressing the emergency bell and calling the police, few know what else can be done.

Shiling Xie

We are not well-trained vigilantes like Batman. We should not risk being beaten up by interfering.

And if you get involved and injure the assailant, he can report you to the police as what you did was not self-defence.

To help, just call the police and leave the matter to them. In real life, don't be a hero. It does not pay.

Ivan Yong