On Facebook: A Forum contributor says that the onus is on the employer to develop a good working relationship with the maid. Do you agree?

Just as it is with working in a company, if the employer treats you well, then you, as the employee, would be happy.

A happy employee means a satisfied employer.

Mike Abdul

It's up to both parties... Treat your helper like a human being and not a slave. And, of course, the helper should reciprocate that gesture.

The helper is coming into a totally new environment, so yes, the employer and family should start before expecting the helper to do so.

Mesh Lo Singh

If the employer is too friendly, a maid may take advantage of the situation. (There has to be some) strictness, fairness and discipline.

Peter Tan

We treated our past three domestic helpers as our family members. Our first was great. She got married and left to start her own family. We were forced to send the second home, after giving her a few chances to improve on her poor conduct. The third behaved well in front of us but did "funny things" when we were not in the house.

Phang Chu Piaw

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