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Should there be more emphasis on teaching literature?

Literature is one of my child's favourite subjects.

It serves as a learning tool for us to see and learn the different sides of human nature.

Kelly Tan

It provides society with a different, more creative way of thinking and approaching a problem. More human and less mechanical.

Zulkarnain Hassan

Literature is good for developing critical thinking, exposing us to different perspectives and developing inquiring minds, which are important qualities for the world of today. But there are few teachers who can teach it well. Most of my lessons in schools were just reading lessons.

Lisa Loh

You don't have to take literature to reap all of its benefits. Just read, and read widely. Join book clubs or share your favourite books with friends and discuss the themes and topics depicted within. It's a subject that can also be easily picked up outside of the classroom.

Huixian Lu

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