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Should social egg freezing be permitted in Singapore?

People are getting married later in life. But biological parameters don't change. It is an undisputed fact that the viability and quality of eggs will decline over time.

Social freezing can be considered with certain conditions, such as freezing must be done before age 30; frozen eggs can be kept for a maximum of 10 years.

Au Kah Kay

It encourages women to settle down at an advanced age, which isn't ideal even if their eggs are frozen. Other health complications might come into the picture as well.

Khor Lian Tai Brandon

Medical science has advanced to the point that older women can more safely carry babies to term.

Society may have changed to the point that late parenthood has become the norm and we are limiting our country's birth rates by not allowing for social egg freezing.

Patricia Choy

Social egg freezing may inadvertently encourage single motherhood and overseas surrogacy.

Darren Ang

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