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Why are people reluctant to go see a doctor when they are ill? What would persuade them to go?

The amount of medical leave taken is considered part of the annual appraisal criteria for some companies. And when you are away, a colleague would have to cover for you, otherwise your work would accumulate until you return.

Christine Chua

Many blame this phenomenon on bosses and the authorities. But look at the recent case of a housewife who didn't see a doctor even after losing her sense of taste and smell. It's easy to deflect blame, but this issue may have something to do with individual attitudes.

Jess Lee

People generally are reluctant to visit a doctor if they feel the symptoms are not severe enough. Employees are covered by employers' group medical insurance schemes, therefore their monetary outlay is not significant. Neither is sick leave. It is not the money, it is not the leave, it is personal responsibility.

Margaret Chong

Some staff want a clean medical leave record, hoping it will boost their chances of a promotion. So even when they are not feeling well, they drag themselves to the office and put colleagues at risk of contracting their illness.

Peter Tan

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