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Should a memorial be set up so people don't forget the lessons learnt from Covid-19?

Not wise to do so. Who wants to be reminded of fear, death, sickness and restrictions? Worse still, the dread of vaccination and the division of people for and against confinement. The less we are reminded of the calamity, the better.

Wang Toon Joon

I think a variety of media records within a museum exhibit should be more appropriate, and we can see and hear what people on the ground are saying.

Jeff Leong

Establishing a museum about the pandemic history of post-independence Singapore would be more relevant.

Chan YH

Yes, especially (to remember) those who died in nursing homes or those who died without receiving a proper send-off. It is also a reminder of how we handled Covid-19.

Angie Comment

A memorial? We are still in the midst of Covid-19 and new strains are on the horizon. (Perhaps we can have) a day to give thanks to all the front-line workers.

Hammi Phong

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