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Should some measures under the new prime location housing model be extended to current flat owners?

Disagree, because the rules were not there when they first bought the house. This new rule is good and it helps to reduce profiting from prime location BTOs (Build-To-Order flats).

Poh Lye Koh

For existing prime locations or mature estates that are less than five years old, the MOP should be extended to 10 years as well.

LY Lee

Make the best use of Singapore's land for the benefit of every Singaporean instead of letting affordability dictate.

Chua Lee Kheng

A contract is a contract. When you buy a flat, all the terms and conditions are clearly spelt out. So some people think it is all right to change the rules?

B H Chua Francis

I disagree with the writer's suggestion because this retroactive application of legislation is never in citizens' favour. Once it is done once, we are all done for.

Colette Lim

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