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A Forum contributor questions the need to report the total number of new Covid-19 cases daily. What do you think?

I look out for the numbers. It's good to know and it's up to you to decide how to interpret the news, and if you still want to go out or not. They (the Government) indeed have the tough task of reporting the cases. If they are not reported, people will say (the Government) is hiding the numbers.

Reb Tan

Just showing the critical numbers will not be a good projection of the situation. Total infection numbers would provide a better sense of the rate of infections, in my opinion.

Kendrick Tan

The Government should continue reporting the daily total number of cases. Otherwise, people will become complacent, socialise unnecessarily and bring home the highly transmissible virus to their vulnerable family members. Any panic is constructive if it can protect vulnerable lives through people regulating their behaviours.

Joy Lee

Stop the daily report if we are to live with Covid-19. Monitoring the ICU cases and healthcare system is more important. Before this wave passes, the numbers will go up for sure. Without proper understanding, people are just getting worried by the numbers. Just make sure the medical system can handle it.

Kelvin Neo

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