Letter of the week: Don't be rude to people just doing their jobs

A Bentley is shown pushing against the security officer who stood in front of the vehicle to prevent it from entering the primary school. PHOTO: SGRV/FACEBOOK

By now, many would have seen the video of a Bentley driver threatening to run down a security officer.

Like most, I was perturbed by the act. I was upset that a security officer was being put in physical danger for simply doing his job.

It was reported that almost 40 per cent of security officers said they experienced verbal or physical abuse while on duty last year.

I was recently at a coffee shop ordering food when I witnessed a coffee shop assistant who was taking orders being treated rudely. The customer claimed loudly that he had already given his order and saw no need to repeat it.

From what I saw and heard, I thought that the assistant was justified in asking more questions because the customer was unclear when giving his orders. Once again, I felt that someone who was simply doing his job was being penalised.

Our parents and the community have consistently tried to imbue the value of respect in us. Hence, it is disappointing to see disrespect being shown to fellow Singaporeans.

I urge everyone to show more respect to front-line workers - be they hawker assistants, security officers or nurses. They show professionalism and dedication in performing their jobs and we ought to show appreciation, not disrespect, towards them.

Lee Young Kai

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