Forum: Introduce daily class meditation sessions

A photo from Feb 26, 2020, shows secondary school students in a classroom.
A photo from Feb 26, 2020, shows secondary school students in a classroom.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

The world is undergoing massive transformation, which is only adding to the high stress levels among young people.

Excessive pressure in school due to high expectations placed on a student by himself or society, fear of failure, and focusing more on grades than learning holistically is damaging.

Even at a tender age, inner engineering to engender internal peace, joy and overall well-being can help. Cultivating healthy habits helps to rewire the brain towards more positive thoughts and emotions.

By introducing a short, daily virtual-guided meditation session at the start of classes for all students, young people will be given the chance to practise mindfulness by listening to their own thoughts.

This may lead to a more compassionate outlook, feelings of contentment and tranquillity, and better stress management. Meditation can also help to improve one's focus.

It is crucial that one does not crumble under pressure. Meditation can help to develop a resilient generation of individuals who take stressors in their stride as opportunities for learning, growth and self-renewal.

Rhea Sharma, 13

Secondary 1 student

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