Health risks

Plastic food packaging safe when used correctly

We refer to Mr Jared Chia's letter, "Best to avoid single-use plastic food containers" (Sept 16).

Single-use plastic is designed to be used only once and should not be re-used as it will degrade and lose its quality after its first intended use.

To date, there have been no scientific reports showing that plastic food packaging poses any human health risks when used as intended.

It is crucial that consumers and food establishments use plastic packaging for its intended purpose and in the prescribed way, as advised by manufacturers.

For example, takeaway plastic food containers should not be used for repeated storage of food, and only plastic containers labelled as microwave-safe should be used for reheating in the microwave. Consumers can find more information on the safe use of plastic food packaging at the section on food safety education at our website.

Joanne Chan Sheot Harn

Centre Director

National Centre For Food Science

Singapore Food Agency

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