Forum: Do more to fix gaps for special needs students in higher education settings

We refer to the articles, "Secondary schools provide all-round support for students with special needs" and "How parents can work with schools to better support children with special needs" (both published on May 22).

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) is heartened by the availability and accessibility of support and resources provided for primary and secondary school students with special educational needs.

It is encouraging to see schools increasing their outreach efforts as well as building closer partnerships with parents and caregivers.

Special educational needs such as dyslexia persist into higher education and adulthood. Therefore, avenues of support and sustained efforts to engage parents, staff and students in institutes of higher learning continue to be vital in promoting a more inclusive learning environment and positive educational experience for tertiary students with special educational needs.

More can and should be done to further address and bridge the gaps in the higher education settings, to better make use of resources and guidance to see students through their tertiary education journey successfully.

With the support of organisations such as the Lim Hoon Foundation, DAS has taken a step forward in reaching out to a number of institutes of higher learning through outreach initiatives and activities.

We hope that through raising awareness and working closely with representatives of institutes of higher learning, we can contribute to the development of a more cohesive and collaborative network of support for tertiary students with special educational needs in Singapore.

Serena Abdullah
Assistant Director (Curriculum)
Dyslexia Association of Singapore

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