Forum: Young Lions should sign more foreigners

The Young Lions may not currently be at the foot of the Singapore Premier League (SPL) table, but they have by far the worst goal difference.

If the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) goal is to qualify for the World Cup in 2034, then the Young Lions should be able to credibly challenge for the SPL title. The Young Lions represent young Singaporean footballers, and hovering at or near the bottom of the table is detrimental to the morale of these players.

Current rules allow SPL clubs to sign a maximum of four foreign players, as long as one of them is under the age of 21. I suggest that in future SPL seasons, the Young Lions should recruit four foreign players under the age of 21 to level the playing field and make the team more competitive.

In this way, Singapore can both develop local players and make it easier to naturalise foreign players if they prove suitable.

Based on the current trajectory of our national youth teams, we are unlikely to achieve Goal 2034.

The FAS must make bold moves if it is serious about this objective.

Ivan Goh