Forum: World-class treatment at NUH

On Jan 19, an MRI scan showed that there was a tumour compressing my optic nerves.

That I was able to walk out of National University Hospital (NUH) on Feb 1 sans the tumour is largely the result of the expertise and experience of ear, nose and throat surgeon Ong Yew Kwang and neurosurgeon Sein Lwin.

Dr Ong and Dr Sein were detailed in explaining my condition and the recommended surgery to my family and me. They told us about the potential complications and risks of the surgery, as well as what to expect after surgery.

On Jan 23, I was operated on by the two surgeons. When the surgery went on for longer than expected, Dr Ong went out of the operating theatre to update my family and to reassure them that the operation was going well.

After the surgery, I spent eight days in a hospital ward. The attentive doctors and nurses there helped in my speedy recovery.

After my discharge, Dr Ong continued to care for me. His constant encouragement has also continued to lift my spirits during my recovery.

I thank Dr Ong and Dr Sein, as well as all the doctors, nurses, and support staff who took care of me. The professionalism and patient-centric care at NUH is definitely world-class.

Phoon Kok Hwa